The Shepherd's LightHouse, Inc.

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Dear Client,

I am so happy that you have decided to take this step to changing your life in a positive direction. Your journey starts now and I promise to be there every step of the way with you. You can do this by making a commitment to yourself and your children.

It will not be easy but, our staff and volunteers are passionate in helping see you become independent and live the rest of your life in a safe peaceful environment.

I look forward to meeting you and your children and creating a life goal plan that will give you direction to your new life. The only way we can help you is if you are ready to take the journey.


Ms. Yolanda

Information about us

Shepherd’s LightHouse is a place where you and your children can call home while learning the skills to become a productive family unit in society. The staff and volunteers at Shepherd’s Lighthouse are committed to help you navigate through life’s storms and learn how to face challenges with confidence. We want you to set life goals and complete the course to independence.

Our program is not easy but, if you apply the educational information and the organizational skills to your life you will be successful. We do offer structure and organization to your life but, you can make the decision to move out anytime that you get ready with in the 6 months. We want your stay to be a positive experience for both of us.

                                Located in the heart of Belleview

5930 SE Robinson Road, Belleview, Florida 34420

Phone number 352-347-6575 Fax number 352-347-1775

Placement Criteria

·         You need to be a single mother over 21 years old with children infant to nine years old.

·         You cannot be in a domestic violence crisis

·         You cannot be in a substance abuse crisis

What do we offer you?

·         A private room for you and your children to stay in for up to 6 months

·         Large kitchen were you can prepare your family meals and storage space to keep your food.

·         Safe play areas for your children to enjoy play time.

·         Computer access for you to use to apply for employment and stay connected with employers.

·         Individual life goal plan designed only for you so that you can become successful in all avenues of your life.

·         Life Coach Counselor to do an assessment that will help you set goals and help you make the right decisions to move you forward in your life.

·         Basic life skill classes these include but not limited to parenting, budgeting, discipline, child development, decision making, and relationship. Each class will be designed to your individual needs.

·         We provide transportation for you and your child to work, daycare, Dr. appointments, store or any other appointment that will advance you in a positive direction.

·         If you are working a DCF case plan we will provide a Life Coach to go to your court appointments and will work directly with your case worker to complete your plan.

·         To better serve you we have to ask that you respect our timelines. We start our day at 6:00 am so that all children can be transported to childcare and residents can be transported to work.

·         We ask that due to everyone getting a chance to use the kitchen for food preparation we ask that you be on campus at 6:30 pm.

·         Please have your children fed, bathed and ready for bed by 8:00pm. This will give you some mommy time to focus on your goal list and down time.

·         Due to living in a residential area we respect our neighbors and ask that everyone be in bed and lights out by 10:00pm.

For the safety of you and your children

·         For safety of your children and other children at the facility we do not allow visitors in your room, no using of drugs other than prescription medication, no use of alcohol, no weapons are allowed in your possession, and we ask that all family and friends provide a picture ID when on campus.

·         We ask that if you are corresponding with others in jail that you use another address. You must remember that you will not be here forever and people still mail you after you leave here.

·         We do not allow cell phones in the resident area due to taking pictures of others and recording of others without their permission. We live in the world of social media and not everyone wants their picture of their children blasted on such sites. You can keep them in the office and you will be allowed to check messages during the day.

·         We ask that you smoke in designating smoking areas only.

How do I secure a place for me and my children?

·         You need to fill out a preneed application and fax it to us.

·         A face to face interview time will be assigned.

·         After the interview you will be notified of your status and date you can move in.