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"Seems such a short time ago that Yolanda shared a vision to provide a home for women and their children who had no place to go or anyone to guide them in an effort to transform their desperate condition. As we prayed, walked and claimed this site in Belleview, a vision started becoming a reality as many came to join us in making it happen.  Many have been blessed because of the faithful commitment to make this love for others a real hope in their lives. So glad to be a part of this journey."


Senator Dennis Baxley, District 12


"I remember the first meeting I attended in 2000 to talk with a group of people about the possibility of establishing a very unique residential facility for women and their children.  Often families are separated during devastating times and this opportunity opened a doorway of hope in an otherwise hopeless situation. Being a part of this program unites family and keeps them together while healing and restoration are completed. Needless to say, I was excited to a part and honored to serve on the original Advisory Committee and the Board of Directors in the first years of operation. Witnessing what the Lord has done over these many years and hearing of the effectiveness of the program and the lives being changed as a result brings me great joy.  Yolanda East and staff are some of the most dedicated and loving people I have ever had in my lifeShepherd's LightHouse is truly a beacon to the community that will shine brightly throughout many generations. "


Charlana Kelly


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