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5930 SE Robinson Rd

Belleview, FL. 34420

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"Partners Needed"

Pledge Contribution  

Dear Friends,


You are receiving this because you have sponsored or have helped   Shepherd’s LightHouse in some way throughout the years. This year we are celebrating our 10th year of housing, educating, and helping homeless mothers and children move into independent living.


We are asking that you consider giving a pledge of $10.00 a month. 


By giving this tax deductible gift you will be:

·        Investing today in a child's life it's our future

·        Helping a mother find her way to independence

·        Supporting the cost of direct services to the mothers and children


             How can you give?


·        Visit our web-site and donate through pay pal

·        We accept Visa or MasterCard over the phone

·        Send checks payable to:

Shepherd's LightHouse

5930 SE Robinson Road, Belleview, Florida 34420

For more information contact us today:



Any $$$$ donation, any amount, any time will keep a mother and child off the streets.

"Give today and light their way .....                                    

Mission Statement:  Dedicated to helping people in need.


Purpose: Our greatest accomplishment is to help people navigate through life’s storms

by, rescuing, empowering, and renewing their lives.

Lighting the way to become self-sufficient productive people in society.

 Creating a safe atmosphere of faith, family, and friends


 Core Values:


                                                                                                             Passion              Believing           

                                                                                                                                                                       Encouraging           Community

I/we will make a Pledge to Shepherd’s LightHouse.


Amount $ __________ One Time ____ Monthly ____



Phone Number ________________________________

Mailing Address_______________________________

Email Address_________________________________

Cash/Check/Credit Cards information attached or mail to the address on this card.

All Donations are tax Deductible

Thank you for your support


Shepherd’s LightHouse, Inc. is a tax-exempt not-for-profit Organization Disclosure information required by Florida Statutes Chapter 496:”A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Div of Consumer Services by calling toll free within the state of FL 1-800-helpfl.  Registration does not imply endorsement or recommendation by the state.”



Any $$$$ donation, any amount, any time will keep a mother and child off the streets.

"Give today and light the way .....





Dedicated to helping People in Need 

Located at: 5930 SE Robinson Road

                 Belleview, Fl 34421

Phone:     (352) 347-6575




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