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Transitional Housing 


Shepherd's LightHouse is a place where you and your children can call home while learning the skills to become a productive family unit in society. The staff and volunteers at Shepherd's LightHouse are committed to helping you navigate through life's storms and learn how to face challenges with confidence.  We want you to set life goals and complete the course to independence. 


To be a part of our program you need to be a single mother over 21 years of age with children infant to nine years old.   You cannot be in a domestic violence crisis.  You can not be in a substance abuse crises. 


  • Private room for mother and child available for up to six months.

  • Large kitchen to prepare and store food.

  • Safe play areas for children.

  • A computer is accessible for employment search and connection to employment.

  • Individual life goal plan designed uniquely for your needs. 

  • Life Coach Counselor to do an assessment that will help set goals, decision making, and overall growth moving forward. 

  • Available classes for, parenting, budgeting, child development, and relationship.

  • Transportation to work, daycare, doctor appointments, etc....

  • In cases of DCF case plans, a Life Coach is provided to assist in court appointments and work directly with caseworkers.

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