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Belleview Area Social Services

Our goal is to come together and seek targeted solutions to help the homeless issue in our area.

Bass consists of fifteen concerned citizens, churches, and social service agencies. We meet once a

month in person. To discuss our plans for two events at which we hand out supplies to the homeless

and low income families. These events happen in the spring and in the fall. This group has been able to

help thousands of people with food, clothing, bikes, meals, and in special cases monetary help. If you

would like to join us in the battle against homelessness in our area please contact

Yolanda East,

Executive Director of Shepherd’s LightHouse.


List Of Needs:

- Sunscreen

- Ponchos

- Umbrellas

- Two- Man Tents

- Toilet Paper

- Paper Towels

- Person Hygiene Items

- Cleaning Supplies

- Blankets

- Coats

- Gloves

- Hats

- Two- Man Tents

- Bug Spray

- Sunscreen

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